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Lip blush is a form of permanent makeup. It is a cosmetic tattoo that enhances the beauty of the natural lip colour, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. Once healed, it delivers very natural results, giving the lips a lip tint effect.


A topical anaesthesia cream will be applied for 15 minutes at the start of the procedure as well as throughout the procedure to keep the discomfort to a minimal. Pain tolerance varies between individual clients but most people feel no pain once their lips are numbed. Some experience minimal discomfort towards the end of the procedure.

Please note, clients who have taken blood thinners and coffee will be extra sensitive. Clients who also have scars on their lips from cold sores, and sun damage are extremely sensitive as well.


Please follow the below instructions for optimal healed results.

  • Do not consume caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment to prevent excessive pain and bleeding.

  • Do not take ADVIL or other blood thinners such as Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary, 48-72 hours prior to your procedure. Extra strength Tylenol can be taken if you have low pain tolerance.

  • Avoid exercising the day of the procedure.

  • Do not take or get any chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, Vitamin E, retinol, fish oil, at least 4

    weeks before your appointment.

  • Please read the aftercare and arrange your schedule accordingly to the healing stage. There is downtime for every procedure.

  • If your appointment is booked during an outbreak of cold sores on your lips, the procedure may not be done. Pease be aware that if you have the simplex virus herpes, you may awaken an outbreak following this treatment. It is highly recommended to take an anti-viral such as Zovirax 5 days before, then the day of. Then 5 days after or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Do not get lip injections 4 weeks before and after this treatment


Immediately After:

The area will feel a bit sore and will look quite intense. There may be some swelling and minor bruising that only lasts for 1-2 days. Applying ice can reduce bruising and swelling.

The day of Treatment:

Fluid will leak from the tattoo to form scabs. You do not want these fluids to sit on your tattoo and form these scabs. You will want to wipe your tattoo every hour with a wet cotton round and pat the area dry to ensure no fluids sit and form scabs. When you wipe, you will see the colour coming off onto the cotton round, this is normal. You may ice the skin if it is feeling tender or swollen after the procedure. Wrap an ice pack or a zip-lock of ice in a napkin and place it on the area for as long as desired. After each hour you wipe, reapply the ointment given.

Day 2-5

- Do not touch your tattoo with dirty fingers, remember it is an opened and healing wound. An infection could possibly ruin the tattoo.

- Don't get your tattoo too wet for too long. It will make the scabs soggy and easier to fall off prematurely. Remember, you want to keep the scabs on for as long as you can, let them fall off naturally.

- Moisturize as often as possible with the recommended or provided ointment.

- Do not sleep on your face to avoid lifting the scabs prematurely and make sure you're sleeping on a clean pillowcase to avoid infection.

- Avoid harsh cleansers, creams, makeup, or any products on the treated area until all the scabs have naturally fallen off. These things can jeopardize the healing of the tattoo.

- Don't pick, scratch, or bite off the scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring, loss of pigment, or an infection.

- Do not expose your tattoo to UV rays or tanning beds for 4 weeks after the procedure. These things can alter the appearance of your tattoo dramatically.

- Do not sweat on the tattoo until all the scabs have come off naturally. Sweat will take the pigment from your tattoo. If you sweat on them, dab it off immediately.

- Do not get any facials, Botox, chemical treatments, and micro-dermabrasion for 4 weeks post appointment date.

- Do not eat anything too spicy or with too much citrus. Be careful when eating not to rub any scabs off and try to drink through a straw.

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